Our Divine Human Blueprint

Half Moon Gateway March 22 - Awareness Alignment, Energetic Update, Sirius Channeling, Energetic Transmission

March 10, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Half Moon Gateway March 22 - Awareness Alignment, Energetic Update, Sirius Channeling, Energetic Transmission
Show Notes

Half Moon Gateway March 22 - Awareness Alignment, Energetic Update, Sirius Channeling, Energetic Transmission
Blueprint-Akash energy update for the half moon gateway this month

In the new moon gateway, we open to the divine template that's activating in our blueprints - a golden quality infusing our fields and consciousness with the divine remembering of wholeness, giving us the supported opportunity to apply this inner remembering somewhere specific or general in our lives.

This last new moon gateway, we were opening to a great expansión in the heart, dissolving internal conflict in how we relate to others, so we can relate from a vibration of wholler love, humanly reflecting more of our divine qualities in our close and community relationships.

This was inviting us - in fact promoting us -to consciously clear the grief that was naturally rising up to vibrate its way out of our fields. And this continues to be highly supported throughout this month. We collectively manifested a global situation that would gain global media attention, as an efficient and effective way of triggering this grief.

When reunion happens, grief at its absence arises, finally safe enough in a field of love to be able to clear old trauma from the system.

The reunion is love remembering vibrationally, not mentally, how it relates to itself lovingly. And this is happening within us.

Just as the internal healing of conflict energy is supported to clear from our fields of consciousness.

Ownership of our own process is the part we can play in healing the collective situation. As individual cells within a body of humanity, taking response-ability for their part in prioritising acting in health, wholeness and being self healing.

Focusing on the situation and energising the fear projections around it makes it more real and prolongs its activity, countering the healing and resolution that could happen.

What's expanding this month is expansion itself. Full moon is time to make a choice in alignment. Things could go either way in our reality. The old is leaving, the new is coming in and so what are we going to align with, energise and invite more of into our experience?

Joy is released with the transformation of grief as we own that old energy leaving and allow it to move.

This half moon gateway, we can align with the expansion happening in the heart by dropping into the pause, the breath, the silence and allowing spaciousness to bring peace. 

To reset what we're energising in our experience individually and collectively for the rest of the month.

Joy is an engine for expansion. What's expanding this month is our capacity to lovingly relate to others. 

Anchoring mantras for meditation….

I align with the truth of who I Am

And allow this to be what expands

I celebrate the expansio

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Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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