Our Divine Human Blueprint

Half Moon Alignment Meditation - Energy Activation - Sirius Channeling

March 25, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Half Moon Alignment Meditation - Energy Activation - Sirius Channeling
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Half Moon Channeling

Meditation Intro 00:00
Meditation 04:22
Energy Activation (with Light Language & Sound) 24:20
Sirius Channeling (and energy activation cont.)
Integration and anchoring practise (taking this forward into our day): 42:17

An alignment meditation and energy work with the guides from Sirius, with First Nations light language in channeled transmission activating divine templates in our human blueprint this lunar half moon gateway.

This meditation and channeled transmission is to help us drop deeply into our centre, our truth and into the divine alignments that activate the new vibratory state in our divine human blueprints for the half moon and onwards.
This lunar gateway there's strong rebirthing in the area of how we let our worldly, earthly structures support us. With earth activations in our root triggering a homecoming to oneness awareness in related areas of our lives, we can find ourselves under pressure to allow great changes in the very foundations of what supports us. This brings with it a call to unstick ourselves from the muddy patterns of the past and align ourselves with the unseen new and beautiful. 
The element of earth is activating for harmony in the collective consciousness and on the run up to the equinox there has been an accelerated alignment supported between earth and air and now earth and water. We are reforming our relationships with how we are supported at the very foundations of ourselves. And in order to call home how we're allowing worldly structures to be supportive, rather than constrictive, the gateway is to let go into the Gaia Goddess consciousness opening up ever deepening earth resonances that put us in touch with the vastness we also are. 
We are the mud that is being reformed like clay, ready to be baked in earth-fire activations to come.

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Divine Human Blueprint work can catalyze shifts, realisations & transformations. Aligning with the Self beyond the stories shifts our perspective and our state.and this transforms our reality. We align with the Self who knows itself as one within, with all Life, with All That Is, opening a field of Grace that allows the old stories to dissolve by freeing us from old thought patterns, expectations, beliefs, blocked emotions & unhealed traumas. Discover more at infinityresonance.com

Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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Partial Transcript
Channeling Transcript

There is a new song being woven

One that calls to the blood to the bone and reminds it that it vibrate with the rock and the stone

That calls to the flesh and the matter to remind it of the love, the dance within between flash and earth, soil and breath, blood and bone, rock and stone…

To open to this is to allow phenomenal support into the very foundation of beingness as human beings are once again invited - re-invited into the realm of earth consciousness deepening through the denser dimensions. Once again walking with oneness awareness, breathing with all that is, even in the thickness of form, of matter, of substance.

(light language)

The deeper the body drops into remembering oneness within the earth dimensions, the stickier the old templates, old patterns, old beliefs, old fears rise up as anxieties that it is not safe to walk in oneness within the earth. They are like the bubbles leaving. They are like the gloops - the debris in the mud. 

(light language)

Beloveds you are being reformed. The hands of the divine that you are is resculpting all that you are from the inside out, changing your relationship with form, changing the nature of how you walk through your world. These are foundational times. You are once again at one in your roots with the roots of the earth. In your bodies with the soil of the 

In your hearts, in your rhythms with the rhythms of the earth. Allow great change to happen within you to support great change that is going to happen outside of you. 

In your externalized perceived reality. Let Gaia change and renew and reform for she is and will. Let go of your clinging to the mud banks of the river. Be slippy. Let yourselves go with the flow. Let yourselves…

(Light Language)

Let go, beloveds, just let go…

(light language)

New Speaker


All is a feat of re-engineering but it is a changing state of consciousness that supports the feat of the re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA. The re-engineering of the encodements within your DNA support the shifting holographic projection of reality and as each of you become healthier and healthier cells by which we mean you enter your connectivity awareness as a vibratory state within the density of your physical dimensions you support larger, greater and more graceful shifts in the physical reality of your external worlds. However, you must shift attention from looking for this change in your external worlds before you yourself change and make the obvious 180 degree flip and change your vibratory state so that what you are protecting enables the holographic conditions you wish to see made manifest. And allow these manifested changes to appear in your personal worlds first before they appear for the collective. 

Let your eyes rest on what is flowing to the front of your heart. What is in your consciousness now? What has the greatest mattering to your heart, to the very fundament and foundation of your being. Don’t think of this, call for this to flow to your awareness as though you are the rock in the river and all of everything is the flow, the river that flows, or it’s the pond around you and what is important flows to you, you don’t have to reach or grab, or analyse or construct. What is of greatest mattering in your world NOW

(light language)

What do you need to do with this? Simply allow. Reforming is of the moment - this moment, what is supported. Resculpting is happening not from the mind that looks out and perceives problems but from within, from the I who knows itself as the I that I Am. The I Am who Is .

Allow that resculpting to reform what matters most to you now. To bring it into alignment with the truth of who you are beyond the stories, below the layers, the overlays - the highest potential for harmony and wholeness within. 

We are the Sirians, we bring you the technological angles on the evolutionary shifts happening in the moment. We do support the re-enginnering and as we say re-engineering follows a change in state, a shift in awareness, new vibratory activities. 

(Light Language)

We leave you now in gratitude and with so much Love. Thank you. 

42:17 Integration and anchoring practice for taking this into our day

Meditation Intro
Lunar Gateway Alignment Meditation
Energy Activation (with Light Language & Sound) Sirius & First Nations Guides
Sirius Channeling with Light Language
Sirius Channeling #2
Integration and anchoring practise (taking this forward into our day)