Our Divine Human Blueprint

Half Moon Meditation Activation & Channeling - Blueprint-Akash Update

April 10, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Half Moon Meditation Activation & Channeling - Blueprint-Akash Update
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 With loving thanks to the star guides and to the elementals. Their gift; is an invitation to make the internal and external shift into a new earth dimension now. One where we can let spaciousness into our day and change the way we move, stopping, when we feel to, to registering beingness, not just doingness, noticing and enjoying our environment, to smell the flowers, to watch the butterflies and receive the birdsong. Even in the busy-ness of our days, to invite in that space in-between. The space where we receive. The pause in-between the breath. Where beingness opens us to all that is. Where joy is grounded, celebration is anchored and inspiration gives clear direction to action. 

The old is leaving, the new is emerging and at half moon time we can be more with one than the other.

The purpose of this transmission is not only to help us anchor in the emerging new and receive the energetic gifts of this half moon gateway. But also to have ourselves opened to the activations supporting a shift into resonance; lifting our frequencies, our light quotient and our magic-working, by letting ourselves be aligned within a higher dimension in our physical reality. 

The gateway now is in our centres and it's Divine Mother who calls us there. 

Through beingness we hear her in us and she enables us to hear our Selves. And to be held within All That Is until our internal rhythms come to rest, nestled as they are within the planetary, the cosmic and the universal rhythms. And this generating a field of harmony for ourselves, our immediate environment, our loved ones and our world. 

Thanks - phenomenal thanks to the invisible holders of this divine emanation, making it possible for us to be transformed in Grace. And specific thanks to GevaAnn, for her pre-transmission channeling from the elementals reminding us that they're here, they're with us, they are us and that's the level of connected awareness they're supporting us to move into and vibrate with now.

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Channeling & Energy Activation – Keep attention inwards, noticing the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole, opening to receive only what’s for you in the most benevolent, loving, appropriate way

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Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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00:00 Energy Update with Lucy

07:28 Meditation Preparation - Lucy

09:07 Guided Meditation

29:35 End of Meditation - Lucy
So that's the meditation part of today's transmission. Thank you so much for being with it. You might want to pause and stay with where you are before we go into this next phase. Or you might want to just go with what's coming through. Ok

29:58 Energy Activation with Lucy - Infinity Resonance
So staying with attention noticing how we feel on the inside, throughout what comes through in the next transmission. Allowing ourselves to open to the infinite, unconditional Love of All That Is, that we are, commanding we receive only that which is for us in a way that is loving, benevolent and safe and appropriate. Again trusting our intentions are known. What's in our heart is heard. The innate intelligence we are knows what's for us now.

So you can keep attention inwards. No need to be with the visuals for this. 

Just stay with what you notice

No need to read too much into it
So this is what I would call an encodement transmission

Received largely in silence

What we receive is governed by our higher Selves

Always on guard to honour our Highest Intention if we command them to do so.b

And just stay with this, even though there are no words just yet

34:33  - Channeling 1)
Beloveds. Welcome and thank you. 

In the silence the song of you resonates in your bodies’ fields

You then generate the complexity of light geometries, curvatures, waveforms, shapes and frequencies that together paint a picture that is both seen and heard. That is both felt and met throughout the landscapes of consciousness through which you always move.

And perhaps there is more activity in one area than another, in one dimension, in one realm, in one plane of existence than another, in any one time. And this is like the instrument of you being played and a note being sounded somewhere. Resonating the song of who you are throughout your fields. Bringing things to your attention and awareness that are ready to be revealed and renewed in the enduring harmony that is always inherent potential in any part of all of conscious in any given moment. 

Such is the complexity of the dance, there must be a simplicity to how we navigate this, no? For fascinating though complexity is, it can also be distracting. And one of the pathways that has led humanity to create that which leads it further away from itself, into separation, is the fascination, the love of the exploration of complexity. 

The energy of Joy has been central to the machinery of moving humanity further and further away from connectivity within itself, within the planet, within the cosmos. And at this time, the machinery isn’t being disintegrated as such, rather recalibrated. It’s a bit like changing the engine oil. The oil being what supports these moving parts to continue.

The fuel, well, there’s the question.

What’s fuelling your creations and is it aligned? How is it aligned with the truth of who you are?

40:30 - Lucy
It feels like there’s another angle that wants to just open out for this

40:50 - Lucy
Ok here we are.

40:52 - Channeling 2 – star alliance
We are inviting you to be energised from within, For when you contact that Joy, it is as though your inner suns are radiating out through all of Creation and All That Is. 

It is the song which is sung throughout the universe at all times, in all places. Not always – in some places only barely audible.

We are inviting you to listen, to look for, to trust. To be energised – to trust the energy of Joy as that is what is being renewed in you at this time. This is what your guides are supporting you with and it is all in preparation – all of the first half of this year is a preparation time, where you are being recalibrated and realigned, bringing home those powerful forces in you so that when it is time for the switch and the flip that is due to happen in this year – where you shift from healing and clearing your misaligned forces – the problems, the challenges, what is in the way, what can hold you back, what can cause you fear, what constricts you, what compresses you, what is the inner work of, shall we say, housekeeping and clearing. 

When you make that shift (to creativity) – when the time comes – and that will be Solstice, of course – phenomenal forces are due to be released within the earth, to support new Life. 

And collective cocreation.

And it is so that you come to know, love and trust these internal combustion forces within; the more masculine qualities of force itself, and know that all of force can be requalified, all of force and any force can be realigned. Any force released anywhere can be requalified and realigned. But that you know and trust the forces within yourselves, so that when what is supported is collective co-creation and these creative forces are the vital part of this, to move forward this cocreation of humanity moving into the next blooming foundation building of the structures that support its continuing emergence within the new earth – you will trust your joy, you will trust your excitement, you will trust celebration, you will trust these electric, sunshine and fire forces within because they will be earthed.

And it is Earth that is harmonising within the body field of consciousness, within the collective blueprint at this time. The element of earth is completing its cycle of coming home to itself within the divine human blueprint. This is where earth remembers it is one with fire, with water, with air. Where each element contains all of the others, very much like the yin-yang, but as we apply it to the elements here. This has been a movement in consciousness that is culminating now, getting ready for you all to dance the dance of fire and earth. 

Fire and earth bring structure to form. It solidifies things, it defines things. It brings in definition. It says definitely: this is what it is. This is the shape of this. 

So why do we focus on alignment so intensely? It’s because we want the force that brings the shape that gives definition; that defines something; that creation, whatever that is – to be arising from and returning to the very essence of the nature in the heart of the being from which that creation has arisen, so that what takes shape is in alignment with the highest whollest truth of the nature of the essence of Love in wholeness and harmony within itself. 

You are the sculptors placing your creations in the kiln at the time. This an elemental activity balancing archetypal forces within the collective consciousness at the moment. So you may find yourselves working very much with items that connect to the root, your home, your security, your body and its health and vitality. 

And Joy. 

Joy is often kept in a lock with anger and grief is what unlocks that. The outpourings of grief have been supported in you collectively – global events have enabled global consciousness to have one focus, so that global processing and healing is supported. Outpourings of grief unlock the anger that allows Joy to be released, renewed and returned in right alignment.

So there is a purpose to everything, even that which is seen to be less than desirable – that which emerges in the first half of this year on the surface of your existence and in the world is serving global healing and can be put to use in that way. 

What you cocreate going forward is due for a big shift, right on the cusp of the Solstice, right as you shift from working on what must be healed and cleared to being energised by moving forward towards what you want to create more of and this is the mystery. This is the unwritten and it is here, within the hearts of all of you, that what you cocreate going forward gets decided. And so we invite you into the resonances of higher frequency emotions and vibrations such as Love and Joy and Celebration and Gratitude, to keep you coming home, to the I who knows itself as one within All That Is. And lets go of feeling like it needs to be the small one fixing the universe. But rather part of the dance of creating, come home to itself in the body, in the earth and in the planet. 

Thank you very much for being with us and allowing this high speed transmission to come through. We invite you not to follow the words too closely but allow, as we say, your filters to do the work of inviting in what’s for you and so that the encodements contained within the words can activate your own understanding. Your inner ability to read the akash of your own consciousness and know what messages there are for you in this moment in this gateway at this time. This is the purpose of all transmission. Not to impose knowledge but to awaken it within you.

49:01 Lucy – (laughing)
Ahh, that’s the star alliance. The Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, it’s very beautiful and bubbly and high speed and lots of light and lots of encodements; packets of information there. So much love. A real lightness that all came through with, I was feeling, just while they were talking. 

I think that wraps it up, guys. I’m just going to check that there isn’t anything else for us and how do we integrate that and go forward with it…

…They’re just saying take a nice, deep breath, let go of trying and make the intention, if you like, to carry Joy forward into your Life today, in each breath and ask for help with the healing and clearing. 

I just feel that excitement of cocreation in these little magics and mysteries and it’s kind of what happens afterwards that leaves me amazed and excited. Because I don’t know. There’s this not knowing of what gets opened when we come together like this – what’s going to happen next.

So let me know, let me know how this lands with you, what’s moving for you and what’s live, so that we can make something of it going forward. 

I just get the words “We can let the play continue” – that’s the elementals coming through; we can let the play continue. 

Let me know in the comments how this landed and what’s moving for you now. It helps the transmission bring in more support for all.

Thank you