Our Divine Human Blueprint

Blueprint-Akash Activation - root and crown-cellular renewal 1hr guided journey

April 18, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Blueprint-Akash Activation - root and crown-cellular renewal 1hr guided journey
Show Notes

Meditation starts @ 11:42
An activation meditation to align with the truth of ourselves and allow in the death-rebirth gifts in the element of earth in our Blueprint-Akash now.

Recorded during the group online meditation this full moon (to join these, the link is here https://infinityresonance.com/

For the full article, have a look at the blog post: https://infinityresonance.com/2022/04/18/easter-and-full-moon-blueprint-akash-update/

Or listen to the podcast episode:



Working with the meditation

To let this work and receive what's appropriate for you, the recommendation is to keep attention returning to the sensation of breath in the body and the sensation in the body as a whole. 

To stay with your own internal experience and not to get carried into the words too much.

They're there to offer an intention statement you could be making. 

When you do make a silent, intention statement, let go of what happens after making it and return attention to notice the sensation of breath in the body and in the body as a whole.



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Divine Human Blueprint work can catalyze shifts, realisations & transformations. Aligning with the Self beyond the stories shifts our perspective and our state.and this transforms our reality. We align with the Self who knows itself as one within, with all Life, with All That Is, opening a field of Grace that allows the old stories to dissolve by freeing us from old thought patterns, expectations, beliefs, blocked emotions & unhealed traumas. Discover more at infinityresonance.com

Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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