Our Divine Human Blueprint

Half Moon Activation Alignment - Channeling and mediation with intention setting

May 22, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Half Moon Activation Alignment - Channeling and mediation with intention setting
Show Notes

Setting Intentions that are aligned with the truth of who we are - Half Moon Energy Activation
A guided alignment journey with channeled meditation and guided intention setting for activating gifts and abilities this full moon.
The divine marriage of the inner masculine and feminine opens up in the akash of the collective human blueprint. In this dance, honouring our unique imprint, our divine essence, is aligned with going into action and setting or to-do intentions.

The guides from Sirius bring through supportive messages to activate dormant gifts in our Blueprints -especially from our Atalantean past, speaking on the dissolving of a timeline.

The body field of consciousness is invited to be the landing site for our action intentions, as we breathe life force in at a cellular level.

Working with activational intention breaths in the body, in the energy fields and in our reality, opening the gateway to source and aligning with the 'breath of creation' in the moment.

With love,

This was what came through in the moment, opening to the energies of now in this live stream.

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Divine Human Blueprint work can catalyze shifts, realisations & transformations. Aligning with the Self beyond the stories shifts our perspective and our state.and this transforms our reality. We align with the Self who knows itself as one within, with all Life, with All That Is, opening a field of Grace that allows the old stories to dissolve by freeing us from old thought patterns, expectations, beliefs, blocked emotions & unhealed traumas. Discover more at infinityresonance.com

Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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