Our Divine Human Blueprint

Deep Body Healing Meditation - Deep Dive

July 02, 2022 Lucy - Infinity Resonance
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Deep Body Healing Meditation - Deep Dive
Show Notes

An embodied awakening meditation, recorded in group during a lunar gateway. Aligning with the divine blueprint, working with the resonances of Unconditional Love and opening the gateway to Source for deep body healing frequencies. A guided meditation journey for activation and alignment. 
Keep the attention returning to the breath, the sensation in the body as a whole and stay with your own process. 
The words are not being spoken to the mind, they are not there to be followed. They are dialoguing with deeper parts of you. If you drift off to sleep during the meditation, that's perfectly fine and a sign that you're allowing the healing that wants to happen without getting in the way. 
If anything comes up for you, during or after the meditation, I'm here for one to one deep dive support or ongoing coaching sessions. 
Book a free chat to see how I can help. 
With Love,  Lucy 

Divine Human Blueprint work can catalyze shifts, realisations & transformations. Aligning with the Self beyond the stories shifts our perspective and our state.and this transforms our reality. We align with the Self who knows itself as one within, with all Life, with All That Is, opening a field of Grace that allows the old stories to dissolve by freeing us from old thought patterns, expectations, beliefs, blocked emotions & unhealed traumas. Discover more at infinityresonance.com

Blueprint work is for aligning with the Self beyond the stories. This helps us shift our perspective, our state & rewrite the story of ourselves, by aligning with our highest truth. It connects us with our intuition, guidance, gifts & unconditionally loving support. Owning our sovereignty as master cocreator of our own reality. These transmissions are encoded with frequencies for activating our inner oracle. For living humanly as divine multidimensional beings we are. 

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