Our Divine Human Blueprint

Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse - energy update and meditation map

May 27, 2021 Lucy - Infinity Resonance Season 4 Episode 3
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse - energy update and meditation map
Show Notes

A lunar eclipse with more prefixes than we can say in flow - a super blood flower full moon eclipse in sagittarius. Here's some tips on aligning with the energies, which are still in full flow, along with a meditation map for staying in alignment in the following days. 
There's a hug amount to receive. With increased solar flare activity coinciding with this very special portal opening, it's not just about throwing away the old but receiving what dissolves that old in the fluid golden light of the new. 

“It is the light that encourages the flower to open it’s petals”

The invitation today and in the following days is to drop lightly and softly into beingness.

In beingness, we receive.

In softness, we receive softly, the light of the sun. As solar rays intensify we’rev invited to receive the sun’s warmth as a soft radiance, rather than harsh blasts.

The rose opens its petals to the sun when it’s nourished by the rich earth and drenched in water.

And so we’re encouraged to spend time in nature today, to keep ourselves drenched in water and to turn the attention inwards. Where, in our centres, we open to receive from within, resting attention lightly in the centre point of our hearts – our own point of equilibrium – which balances the rhythms and patterns in us, harmonising then and bringing us into alignment with the rhythms and patterns of the cosmos.

It is the rhythms and patterns we are celebrating now, as the moon swings closest to earth in its trajectory. And in the rhythms in the energies of our natural human blueprint, whenever those energies swing to the centre or furthermost point in the arc of their flower-petal trajectory, they pass through a sacred centre.

All sacred centres, at times like this, open to source to source for an inflow of divine remembering of our oneness. And all there is for us, all the activational light codes flowing in from source, can flow in from within and align with us elegantly and effortlessly when we bring our attention to our hearts and centres, to stillness, to spaciousness. For a moment.

In this way we can open to receive the intensity of today’s energies in softness. And tomorrow we will look at the gifts that have landed with us today.

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