Our Divine Human Blueprint

Eclipse Channeling - Water Dragons Speak on What Happens When We Notice Them

June 11, 2021 Lucy - Infinity Resonance Season 4 Episode 5
Our Divine Human Blueprint
Eclipse Channeling - Water Dragons Speak on What Happens When We Notice Them
Show Notes Transcript

Message from the Water Dragons at Lanjaron.

Visiting the Moorish Castle ruins on the new moon solar eclipse, with a friend who also connects with the rock beings, we turned to face the water dragon who flanks the castle on the western side. As we recognised her, she began to speak on the benefits of acknowledging the beings we see in the rocks. 

This is what she said - as translated in channeling by me. 

Channeled with Nina at Lanjaron Castle, June 10th 2021

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“Beloveds, you are the fire, you are the water, you are the air. You are this planet, in forms - mobile forms. You move, you run, you work, you play, you create. We create with you in every possible way.


You play together and you never play alone. We are here, when you acknowledge our presence in your play, we can - the vistas expand. So much more is possible, so much more can be achieved. So much more can be seen, understood, believed; felt to be true. 


You include us in your play when you see us. When you simply see that we are here, we are part of your experience in the moment. When you acknowledge us, we are part of your moment. And that is all it takes. Then we are part of your creation. 


And we have permission, in those moments, when you see us, to gift you parts of yourself that you have been, shall we say, maybe more removed from in distant years. 


These distant years that are falling away from you now. So here you stand on this now precipice in this moment, in this place at this time, and those distant years have fallen. Have fallen away, can you turn to face us?


Turn to face play?

The future is light, the future is golden, the future is bright and the future is Here. 

We love you, thank you for seeing us. Thank you for being with us, thank you for inviting us into your moment in the here and now of your creative play. We love you, so much. 

Thank you.